25 Unique Faceless YouTube Niches & Ideas For Your Channel – [2021]

25 Faceless YouTube Niches where you don’t have to show your face but may still potentially monetize and make money. Sometimes, to develop amazing YouTube content, you don’t have to learn how to hold a camera or even film yourself, which is especially true for monetization material. I’ll show you 25 potential themes and example channels in these niches that don’t require you to show your face or even shoot anything yourself in today’s article. Nonetheless, they have the potential to generate a large number of views and subscribers, as well as to be monetized and assist you in making money on YouTube through ad income or other monetization tactics.

25 Faceless YouTube Niches & Ideas
Faceless YouTube Niches & Ideas

25 Faceless YouTube Niches


The first niche on the list is extensive, something that almost everyone enjoys, which is why it’s fantastic and enjoyable to monetize, and you don’t even have to show your face; I’m talking about food. Let’s begin with a real-world example. Take a look at the “Mashed” channel. They specialize in junk food and make videos mainly on the best French fries, burgers, and other foods available in various places of the world. And because the auras don’t show their faces, those faceless junk food reviews bring about 12 million views a month. Consider a food specialization if you enjoy cooking; it might be a terrific addition to your channel.


Number two is the health niche; many successful channels on YouTube belong to this niche and do not expose the faces of their orders, such as “Bestie” or “Natural Cures.” Still, the channel I recommend you look at today is “Body Hub,” which also avoids exposing their identities and producing various introductory videos while receiving millions of views each month.

Such videos are pretty simple to create. You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you view any of their simple health videos. In the backgrounds, they use free stock images and videos with titles overlaid. All you need to make such videos is a microphone for recording voiceovers, stock footage and photos, and a video editing tool with a good variety of trendy video effects and intros, video transitions, and titling templates.


Experiments come next. I want to show you a channel called “Power vision” in the life hack experiments niche. They primarily make videos on experiments and life hacks. They have over 20 million views each month doing fun and innovative yet simple to make videos with simple filming and editing techniques that don’t show their faces.


Number four is the gaming niche. Even if you don’t have a role model like Ninja or Pewdiepie, you can start and grow a successful channel inside this vast niche without needing to show your face and acquire 40 million views a month. Like one channel called “Top5Gaming,” they take other people’s gaming clips and adapt them into fair use in their videos. Yes, 40 million views every month, 4.7 million subscribers, and no face revealed. They primarily discuss Fortnite, but you may use a similar approach for a game of your choice to create your gaming channel.


The psychology niche is now available. “Brainy dose” is an excellent example of a successful channel in this category. They have many subscribers, so they can produce videos on various psychological topics and use relatively free stock material for every video on the channel, and guess what? Zero faces were never visible in a single shot made by the orders. They discuss various psychological topics and add a voiceover to their videos.


Now, let’s talk about the geography niche. This may sound boring, but wait until I show you this channel called “WonderWhy.” On this channel, the person primarily talks about interesting facts about different countries and historical videos from other parts of the world, and sure, he never reveals his face and never has to buy a camera.


Number seven is my favourite because who wouldn’t want to watch videos about rich people, billionaires, private aeroplanes, yachts, and luxury lifestyles? If you appreciate this topic, you might want to consider this niche, and a fantastic example is a channel called “Mr Luxury.” Be careful, and someone can have a heart attack after viewing those videos and discovering how expensive those rich people’s goods may be. Top lists of the most expensive watches, helicopters, sports cars, mansions, and superyachts on that channel. Videos about the wealthiest people in the world and throughout history.

Faceless YouTube Niches


The scientific niche is number eight. There are many multiple channels in this area that only use voice over and never show any faces. Some have even become legendary, but I’d like to show you one called “Smart Banana.” I love the name, by the way. They make effortless voice over videos on space, technology, and science, and they get a tonne of views and subscribers just by doing such easy faceless videos.

Faceless YouTube Niches


Now, in the horror genre, check out this channel named “Nuke’s Top5“. This guy posts videos on the internet about various scary topics. Despite this, he never displays his face and instead adds a voiceover to his videos. Which brings him a significant audience of 3 million subscribers and around 20 million views from those who enjoy thrills creepy, right?


If you enjoy sports, you might be interested in the sports niche. Well, this is a vast one; you can concentrate on an international sport, various types of sport, or fitness and wellness. However, for today, I recommend taking a look at this channel, “Nonstop Sports.” It receives many views and subscribers since they never show their faces and only commentate on top of videos primarily focusing on American football and basketball. This is just an example because they chose mainly two types of sports, but there are many other alternatives and types of sports out there that you can potentially do.


The quiz niche is up next. I came across this beautiful example, “1 Million Tests,” as the channel’s name suggests. Many of their videos consist of simple animations that play throughout the video, with a voiceover on top of the film asking various questions about your personality. This channel demonstrates that simply by doing such enjoyable and essential quizzes, you can gain a lot of views and success. This material consists of long-lasting videos featuring personality tests that frequently continue to gather views long after they have been uploaded. A lot of use means a lot of money; therefore, investing in such content appears to be a good idea.


The travel niche is ranked 12th. There are plenty of excellent examples here. Let’s take a look at “World According To Briggs.” For a successful travel channel, you don’t necessarily have to show your face and record exciting vacation video yourself. This channel receives 2.5 million views every month, and the guy primarily discusses domestic travel in the United States. Think about all the possibilities if this channel could succeed just by talking about one country.


What’s the next big thing in self-improvement? “Practical Wisdom” is an excellent example of a channel in this category. A voice behind the camera discusses several self-improvement topics. This channel has over 500,000 subscribers and, once again, they use free stock video and do not have to display their faces.


Number 14 on my list is the mystery niche. I have an excellent example channel called “Scary Mysteries” that has almost 700,000 subscribers in every video and talks about mind-blowing, thrilling stories from around the world. If you enjoy mysteries, this could be an excellent niche for you.


Let’s now look at the cryptocurrency market. This one is currently trending, and you can capitalize on it if you’re interested in it, such as “Satoshi Stacker.” The individual never displays his face. He does voiceovers and discusses trending news about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and he receives views.

Pop Music

Let’s move on if you’re interested in popular music, particularly new hip hop and rap skills. I strongly advise you to look into this sector. A great example is the “King Trending” channel. They make short videos on newbies, different rappers, and musical artists so that those interested in this issue can acquire the newest news and learn about the industry’s new names.


Take a closer look at this strange channel called “Amazing Stock,” which belongs to the archaeological niche. That’s correct. Over 500,000 people don’t find archaeology boring, and I agree that it’s great. The creators of this channel use voiceovers to discuss various archaeological finds that have occurred around the world and the stories around those objects, treasures, and archaeological puzzles that are fascinating.

Aircraft and Aeroplanes 

Number 18 is the aircraft and aeroplanes niche; if you enjoy flying, this might be an excellent niche for you, and a great example channel inside this niche is “DJ’s Aviation.” On this channel, they discuss various facts about aeroplanes and the current news in the aviation sector; they never hide their faces and still receive millions of views each month.

Ships and boats

The next one is about ships and boots. I’ll begin with an example; this channel is called “Casual Navigation.” They get over a million views each month, have over 300,000 members, and discuss various information about ships, boats, and marine news, and I must say they have a lot of success doing so.

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ASMR is ranked 20th on the list. People listen to ASMR content to relax, feel nice, and fall asleep. A Japanese creator created the example channel “Viva ASMR.” Some folks find the sounds soothing.

The best thing about ASMR is that you never have to show your face because people watch these videos instead of listening to the sound. However, you will most likely need to spend some money on a good stereo microphone.

Faceless YouTube Niches


Now, technology is still a fantastic niche where you may achieve without revealing your identity, such as the channel “TechZone.” They make videos about technological news, new devices, and a wide range of other topics. TechZone is extremely popular, with millions of views and over 3 million subscribers.


Number 22 is the animal niche; there are numerous examples here, but I’ve chosen this very modest channel called “Animal Facts,” which produces various videos comparing various dog breeds. This particular channel in this category receives roughly 500,000 views per month and can generate a good living only from ad revenue.


Since we’re on the subject of money, how about the business niche? A perfect example is the channel “Young Entrepreneurs Forum.” They have around 700,000 subscribers and half a million monthly views. And the method by which this channel generates content is brilliant. They make pretty basic whiteboard animations.


The car niche is number 24. The channel I chose as an example is known as “Viral vehicles.” These guys make instructive, entertaining, and fact-based videos about automobiles, bikes, trucks, and pretty much everything automotive. They show cars but never reveal their faces, but they receive a lot of views and subscribers. So, if you like vehicles, this could be a good niche for you.


Last but not least the celebrities niche. You might be wondering what that means. Go ahead and check out this channel called “Spill“. this channel produces all kinds of faceless videos related to different YouTube celebrities all the drama that’s going on. They’ve got a lot of success doing this. a million and a half subscribers and from 7 to 10 million views every month. 

Okay, this list of 25 Faceless YouTube Niches & Ideas to run a YouTube channel without showing your face, and any of the niches could potentially bring income from YouTube or other monetization strategies.