I’m going to tell you about 5 DEADLY MISTAKES COMMONLY MADE BY SMALL YOUTUBERS that can seriously harm their channel. I want you to avoid them so that you can expand your channel.


Making mistakes is a crucial part of the process in general, and YouTube is no exception. In truth, making mistakes is necessary in order to learn from them and progress, but some fundamentally dangerous errors may drag you deep into the dark, and it may take months or even years to restore your channel. 

It’s even easier in some situations to start a new channel, and I believe it’s a good idea to recognise when you’re in a hole early enough to alter course, but what’s even better is to learn from others. That’s what we’re doing today, so let’s get started with the first error.

5 Consuming Too Much Content 

That is to say, do more and watch less. It may seem simple, but I’ve discovered that it’s all too easy to slip into this trap these days. You open YouTube for a specific reason, and then you discover an interesting video and think to yourself, “Why not check this out?” You watch a second video, then a third, and suddenly realise you’ve entirely lost your time. I know this is an extreme example, but YouTube and other social media platforms offer information that you will be interested in, and they’re getting better at it all the time.


Assume you’re creating how-to content or content based on current events, and every time you open YouTube, you notice a lot of videos that appear to be must viewing. You know that continual anxiety of missing out on something, and it’s quite easy to slip into this trap when you’re just starting out. You want to learn more about your area of expertise. You want to keep up with the latest news, and it’s the right thing to do. Still, keep in mind that there is always something new to learn, and that you must generate more than you consume.

I’d suggest spending 80% of your time creating and 20% of your time consuming. If you spend more time consuming content than developing your own, your channel is at risk. As you can see, a lot of ideas are formed during the process of creating anything. You will not come up with a new idea simply by sitting and watching something or playing games; whatever you’re doing is a mix of the two. That’s why I normally start my day by absorbing a small amount of content for no more than 30 minutes.

Just enough to keep up with the latest headlines and get your day started on the right foot. The same is true at the end of the day when you complete your task. So no more than one hour of content consumption every day. The remaining eight to ten hours are spent working, and do not open any social media feeds in the middle of the procedure; instead, ignore them.

Obviously, consuming more than you make will restrict you from producing additional material and will also cause tension. You begin to compare yourself to other creators. I’ll get back to you on it later, after I’ve finished procrastinating. Other awful things happen that are really dangerous for you and your channel, so don’t worry, you’ll handle it do more watch less.

4 Over Promoting Your Channel 

This is a very common and deadly mistake that, if repeated, can kill your channel. You’ve just launched your channel and want more views, right? Where do you receive these views? It’s natural for a newbie to look for strategies to market their channel. They want to collaborate with one of the popular youtubers, so they start spamming all over the internet asking people to subscribe to their channel, and one of the most common things they do is start advertising their channel through YouTube ads, and all of this is the result of a lack of patience.

You must be very patient at the start of your journey. It’s difficult, but you must continue and be patient. For a long time, you will see views like 100,50,500. It’s okay if you can’t help yourself; that’s how it works. It’s easy to believe that your material is as good as that of other famous creators, so why don’t you get as many views? The YouTube algorithm will dislike you for a while, and you will have to stay there for a while as well. Before YouTube starts presenting your material to more people, you must first collect a large number of good videos.

I experimented with YouTube advertisements. It’s not going to work. Running any type of advertisement is a wonderful way for businesses to promote their products to those who would otherwise be unaware of them. But when you start a new channel, you’re not selling anything, you’re simply buying yourself some numbers.

Sure, you’ll get more views, but you won’t acquire more subscribers, and these people won’t return to your channel. In such circumstances, your audience retention will suffer, and you will receive additional dislikes. It is far more profitable to invest this money on new video editing software.

I saw channels that did a major collab with some renowned youtubers, and it was really amazing at the time because they received a lot of views, trending page, and all that, but then they went back to their regular schedule, and their views returned to normal. In fact, things worsened. Now it’s clear that they chose the incorrect collaboration. See, when you do a collab or any kind of promotion, you have to think about what kind of audience you’re attracting to your channel. And if you target the wrong people, you’ll get dead subscribers who don’t watch your videos, and your channel will perish.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, over-promoting your channel can be really risky. Spend more time generating better content instead; YouTube will recommend your films to new viewers; all you need is some time.

3 Comparing Yourself With Others 

To be more precise, comparing yourself to other creators or, worse, huge creators. I won’t waste your time discussing why comparing yourself to others in life is a poor idea. You should watch Grant Cordon’s video about it right now.

However, when you compare your channel to other larger channels on YouTube, you begin to get a misleading idea of how it works. You will receive fewer views if you make your video as cool as a bigger youtuber’s video. They have a backstory to their channel.

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Many videos and a lot of effort put into YouTube provide them many more views than you. YouTube instantly recognizes who is the best fit for that video. Larger channels can collect data fairly quickly, but if you only have 100,500 or 1000 members, you won’t be able to collect data as quickly. Even if you outperform a larger channel, YouTube will recommend their content far more frequently.

On the other hand, they may have the same number of subscribers as you. However, if their channel is performing better than yours, you should pay attention to what is happening on your channel. You are most likely presenting your stuff in a way that does not work as well as other youtubers. Stop focused on their achievement and start working on improving your own.

2 Lack Of Change

Another blunder is a lack of change. When you stop growing, you stop improving. This is vital not only for novice youtubers, but also for established youtubers. See, when you first start your channel, it’s simple; just start with what you have and keep an eye out for what works and what doesn’t. Then you begin to earn your first money and progress. Purchase a new camera, enhance your editing skills, purchase a new lighting setup, and so on.

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This shift is critical since your viewers will begin to lose interest in your channel. You will lose repeat visitors. By the way, some of you mentioned that it’s still a good idea to encourage your viewers to subscribe, and I believe that it’s a good point to certainly urge your viewers to subscribe, but make it a nice hint truly and just once in a video.

However, in general, you should prioritise your returning viewers and not place your subscriber figure on a pedestal. This lack of variation is one of the reasons why many channels fail in the long game; viewers become bored by watching the same videos over and over again.

So, whether you have a tiny or large channel, you should always be looking for new methods to improve your content. Otherwise, you will be in a very risky situation where you will begin to lose viewers.

1 Copying Others 

Copying others is an extremely risky mistake. Never simply copy and paste what other creators do. If you try to make a video that is nearly identical to one on a popular YouTube channel, you will notice that your views range from 10 to none. That is not how it works. Copying others is obviously a bad thing to do, but it is also bad for the YouTube algorithm. Why expose your copied video to someone who has already seen the identical film, or almost the same video, from another creator?

It’s difficult to come up with something completely new these days, so contribute something personal to your material and apply your experience to your channel. It will not guarantee you more views, but it will get you to the point where you feel comfortable creating stuff you’ve always wanted to make.


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