4 Stunning Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro

Are you looking for Best Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro? YouTube has become a popular destination for people to watch videos on every subject they can think of. It is also a location where individuals can find a wide range of videos with varying styles and subject matter.

You wish to make an introduction for your videos. So your brand stands up brilliantly, and in this article, I’ll show you the finest tools for generating an intro right on your Android smartphone. This will undoubtedly improve the overall quality of your videos.

Why should I create a YouTube Channel Intro?

YouTube intro videos are a great method to get people interested in your channel. A YouTube intro is a terrific way to get things started, whether you want to display your logo, video thumbnails, or show some of your personality.

The introduction tells viewers who you are and why they should watch your films. An introduction is an extremely efficient approach to attract the attention of viewers since it tells them everything they need to know about you in just a few seconds.

You can give them a general summary of who you are and what your channel is about at the start of the intro. This is optional, but it adds a lovely personal touch to your introduction and may inspire people to check out your social profiles.

Before you begin the video, it is also a good idea to identify yourself by name and give a brief introduction. After all, you are not your audience’s greatest buddy, but they may become acquainted with you before the main topic begins. It can be difficult to identify with someone who speaks authoritatively about something but does not introduce himself/herself.


The Benefits of a YouTube Channel Intro?

If you have a YouTube channel, whether for business or pleasure, you’ve probably thought about your YouTube intro video. How frequently do you see videos on the web go viral based just on their intros? There’s a good explanation behind this! 

An intro video does more than just greet viewers and set the tone for your material; it identifies you as an expert, aids in the branding of your channel, and entices people to watch the rest of your videos. Once they’ve subscribed, you can direct them to any of your playlists to continue building valuable relationships.

What video length is best for a YouTube Channel Intro?

Intro Videos on YouTube are brief videos that introduce viewers to the video they are about to watch. The length of these films might range from 10 seconds to a few seconds, but it’s crucial to think about what length is best. 

Don’t spend your audience’s time by letting a video play for too long. It will simply serve to divert attention away from your crucial message. If it is so long that it detracts from the emphasis of your videos, it might really harm the performance of the videos and hence your channel.

Best Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro

Making an intro for your videos is a great idea because it not only separates your intro from the main section of the video, but it also adds some flair to your videos and channel by accentuating your channel’s identity. As a result, having your own introduction is critical; keep it brief and uncomplicated. so that the logo can be seen clearly

It can be made in a variety of ways. You can have it created by a motion designer. You can use compositing software or do everything by hand. However, in most circumstances, these techniques are either expensive in terms of money or time. So, what do you do when you don’t have much time or money?

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of four Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro in your smartphones that we have compiled, and now we will move on to the first application.

Mojo Insta Story Editor

The mojo insta story editor is the first app on the list. This is a really useful programme for creating text animations and other motion graphics. It is free, however as with any free application, the free edition of Mojo is limited in capability. You can, however, subscribe for a month, create an intro for your channel, and then cancel the subscription.

When you start the app, you will find a slew of templates that you can simply grab and utilise. You can only use the portrait orientation by default; to use the landscape, you must pay. However, I will demonstrate how to do this in the free version.

Best Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro – Mojo

Let’s open one of the templates and play around with the various parts. Again, the free version does not provide much freedom. There are additional options in the premium version. We’ll set the pieces in a rotated manner because we’re doing this in portrait orientation, and then we’ll just rotate the finished video. We can reposition the text and remove some items. You can add more text in a variety of styles; there are plenty to select from.

Then click the save button to save it to your photo album. You can then turn the final film horizontally in the gallery.


Legend is the next application for generating an intro on Android. When you launch the programme, a text box displays in the centre that can be changed. Simply click on it and enter your name. You also have a number of options in front of you. You can either shoot a photo with your smartphone’s camera or choose one from your gallery to use as a background. There will be a variety of templates with text motion. There aren’t many alternatives, but there are enough to create your initial introduction.

Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro
Android Apps To Create Your YouTube Channel Intro – Legend

You can also select one of the colour palette templates. If you are unhappy with your aspect ratio, you can alter it to a vertical 9:16, horizontal 16:9, or square. The horizontal 1080 is of significance to us. After that, the ratio will instantly adjust to the one you require. The constructed intro can be saved as a gif or as a movie, and a video in mp4 format can be created. The programme is simple and straightforward; simply select the appropriate style, colour, and text, and save it on your phone.

But there is one issue: advertising may appear from time to time, but this isn’t a big deal; simply close them and everything will be OK. As a result, this is an excellent application for individuals who wish to rapidly create an introduction without getting a headache.

Intro Maker

The intro maker is up next. When you open the application, you’ll notice rows of templates organised into categories. games that are popular (it will be useful for those of you with a gaming channel) charming, glitch, outro There is also life, sports, fashion, and so on. In the lower menu, there are two tabs: templates and my works.

When you click on one of the templates, you will be prompted to download it in one of the available resolutions. I’m really amazed with how professional it appears. The preview is at the top of the screen, and the chronology is at the bottom. By clicking on the text, you may modify it to your own, change the style of the text, and add some stickers and music right away if you wish.

Also, like with other comparable apps, not all features are free; you must purchase the paid version to access the full capabilities. However, in general, it is a wonderful tool for producing an intro, and I highly recommend downloading it and playing around with the intro creator.


The following application for generating an intro on a smartphone is unique, and I believe you will enjoy it as much as I do. Panzoid is the name of this application. To be more specific, it’s not even an app; everything is done straight in your phone’s browser. Open your preferred browser, preferably Chrome, and type panzoid into the search bar.

Scroll down to find and open the website panzoid.com. I suggest that you use the PC version, so go to settings and choose the PC version. You can use the clip maker to create an intro. To design your intro, you must first select a template. There are a lot of them. Choose the one you like most. To see the final version of the intro, zoom in on the browser page and click on the Eye Icon.

In the menu, select Objects. You will discover a text name to modify the name, write down your name, and repeat the process with the second text if required. In the menu, there are sections with effects and music. Play around with the settings and colour, and when you’re happy with the outcome, select the resolution, frame rate, and duration in seconds. Select quality, rapid render, balance, good quality, or extreme quality in the download area.

You will have to sacrifice render speed with the latter choice. Then click Start Rendering. There is a little but you will have to wait for a long time, about 15 to 20 minutes but it’s worth it if you need a good intro. Also, don’t forget to convert the mkv format to mp4 after rendering.


It may not be necessary to have an introduction and an overview of your YouTube video, channels can work without them, but we absolutely believe you will make things more difficult if you decide not to use them. They provide an excellent way to build branding, communicate crucial information, catch your viewer at the beginning and drive you to your content at the finish.

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