5 Cash Cow YouTube Channel Ideas That Don’t Have an Expiration Date – Passive Income On YouTube

How to make money while sleeping? What an exciting topic, and now you can create this passive income on YouTube by creating affiliate links and selling digital goods. This list could go on and on, but today I’d like to concentrate on the content itself. What kind of videos do you need to make so that they get views in the next few days, weeks, months, and even years? I have a few ideas to share, so stick with me until the end of the article.

First, I’ll go over 5 Cash Cow YouTube Channel Ideas that are both simple to implement and have the potential to generate 100,000 to millions of views in the future, which means you’ll be able to develop this passive income. Then I’ll go over my favourite top three channel ideas that will not only make you money while you sleep but will also help you build a strong brand for long-term success.

5 Cash Cow YouTube Channel Ideas Channels

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice; this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. I cannot guarantee, and no one can guarantee, that you will make a passive income simply by following these steps; please proceed at your own risk because any of these ideas require time, effort, and sometimes money.

5 Cash Cow YouTube Channel Ideas Channels

Music/SFX Channel

Five is a music or sound effects channel. A great example is a channel called “Meditation Relax Music” or “Relaxing White Noise,” and what they do is create videos that aren’t exactly videos; they make music or sound effect loops with stock footage; in other words, it’s an audio library a place where you can listen to music when you meditate, sleep, exercise, and so on.

So people turn it on, you know, set it and forget it they keep doing their stuff while listening to music. Imagine watching time on those channels is insane and a good thing about this type of content is that you don’t even need a camera for this. You need to look for a music track online. You can find free tracks, or you can purchase a subscription plan on platforms like artlist or epidemic sounds ake a loop, then find some stock footage and copy and paste it across the entire length of the music track. 

People will always be interested in this type of content after you post that video, and it has the potential to keep getting views for years.

Motivational Channel

Next up is a motivational channel; great examples of this are be inspired and the “Mulligan Brothers YouTube channels,” where they have added some interviews with famous people on various topics that will inspire you. 

They add a cinematic music track that gives you goosebumps on your body. The upside for this channel is that you don’t need a camera for this. Sometimes you don’t even need a microphone for this. All you need is editing software, cinematic inspirational music, and the rights to use footage with famous people, and that’s the downside you need to make sure you have all the rights to monetise it.

If you are unsure whether or not you can use this footage, download stock footage.

You may be familiar with aerial shots of people running around smiling, but what about voiceover? You can do voiceover yourself or hire a professional voiceover artist if you can solve these problems. It’s a beautiful video that can produce passive revenue since who doesn’t want to be inspired and motivated? These videos will always be watched by those who want to be inspired and motivated.

Gaming Channel

Let’s talk about gaming channels. You can do many things on a gaming channel, but let’s focus on gameplays for now. For example, you can make a walkthrough channel like “theRadBrad” or record boss fights and create a channel like “Boss Fight Database.

All you need for this is a computer, an Xbox, a Playstation, and a willingness to play many games. Walkthrough gameplay content requires commentaries to make it more engaging. Still, if you are unwilling to speak in your videos, just recording highlights, easter eggs, or secrets in a game may be something you should focus on. Many gamers worldwide are interested in this cosmos.

Podcast Channel

If you enjoy speaking, good news: you can create a podcast channel. You don’t need to be concerned with visuals; all you need is a microphone and a camera. You can even record your zoom calls. Maybe you’re just funny, or perhaps you know a specific topic so well that you can speak for hours about it. You can invite famous personalities to your show and chat with them. A good example is the “Tim Ferriss” YouTube channel, where you can see one hour-long video, two-hour-long videos, and even four hours long videos. YouTube adores it and will continue to recommend your content to a larger audience for many years to come.

Compilation Channel

Next, you can create a channel entirely based on compilation videos. You can do it the hard way or the easy way, like channels like “TechGumbo,” “Red Arcade,” or “People Are Awesome.” The easier way is to use a screen recorder and record your screen.

If it’s a gaming channel, you can do everything yourself or do a quick review about it, but if you want to use other people’s footage to make your compilations, you need the rights to use this footage, which is the hard way. On the “Red Arcade” and “People Are Awesome” channels, they have a website where you can submit your clips so they can use your clips on the channel. You are permitting them, and you must do the same if you want to make these types of compilation videos, but this content has a high potential for long-term viewership.


These five-channel ideas are simple to implement and have considerable potential for long-term success, but I wouldn’t say I like investing my time because they don’t help build a strong brand or sustain long-term success. YouTubers who have achieved great success uniquely run their channels, and let’s talk about these types of channels in general. These are channels that help people because they have a human connection and human interaction, and YouTube loves it.

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Long Term Channels

Review Channel

You can start a review channel with tech reviews, movie reviews, or even food reviews. Creating this type of content will benefit people by revealing the benefits and drawbacks of various products and services. You express your viewpoint, which assists people in deciding whether to watch this movie, purchase this product, or enrol in this course.

Some examples, “IGN” has over 15 million subscribers and publishes game reviews. IGN gives you the inside track on what’s new in the worlds of video games and entertainment. 

Marques Brownlee has over 12 million subscribers and makes tech gear reviews. In terms of income, even with a small channel, you can earn money from YouTube AdSense and affiliate links like Amazon. Brands may also compensate you for composing a product review.

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Video Ideas

Here are some video suggestions for this kind of channel. You can do product reviews and product comparisons to see what is better this or that. You can also compare products to make a purchasing decision. You can create the best products for under $1,000 and make unboxing videos. However, getting into this niche may be difficult because you need to find this item somewhere. You may need to reach out to companies or ask your friends. It will not be easy, but it will pay off with a reasonable amount of effort.

Vlog Channel

The second option is a vlog channel. On the one hand, this is a hotly debated topic. Having a large following for your vlog channel is fantastic because all you’re doing is sharing your life. You can tell stories in your video, take your viewers on a journey, and show them what is going on behind the scenes most people don’t witness. Therefore this stuff may be highly contentious. On the other side, starting this type of channel is difficult. It would be beneficial if you could take the time to remember that your vlog is about you, not them, the audience to whom you must first provide value.

It is a fantastic illustration of how profitable a vlog channel can be; however, it takes longer to produce money. It would be beneficial if you had the time to create a following, create value, and gain views before making your first cash. Still, in the long run, your videos have great potential because you can make videos like “my routine” “here’s how I arrange my day” you can make before and after films which are very popular what I do in a day what I eat in a day what I spend in a day you can make tour movies you can invite renowned personalities and do interview videos. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it is risky and time-consuming.

How To Channel And Education Channel

And now my favourite is probably a how-to or educational channel. There are many beautiful examples because YouTube likes this type of material, such as “5 Minute Crafts,” “Better Than Yesterday,” “Photoshop Tutorials,” “Cute Polish,” and “The Health Nerd.”

You help individuals and provide value to society. YouTube is interested in promoting educational information. You may batch produce this content by recording numerous videos at once. If you’re an expert in your area, it will be easy for you to come up with ideas. Of course, you’ll need a camera, a microphone, a lighting setup, and knowledge of editing videos.

Since you can make films such as simple basics instructional how-to series how to get started with something present ideas you’ve most likely seen on your site eight-year-old videos such as “how to tie shoelaces”. This content has the potential to live for a very long time, providing you with a fantastic opportunity to produce income while you sleep.

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