2 Proven Ways To Earn Bitcoin Free in 2021

2 Proven Ways To Earn Bitcoin Free in 2021,“Bitcoin is set to become the world’s most valuable virtual currency in decades, and you won’t get a bitcoin if this isn’t valid.”

Bitcoin is currently up to the moon, and everyone is talking about it. By the time I’m writing this article Elon musk, and tesla has invested over 1.8 billion dollars in bitcoin, and one bitcoin is currently worth over $46,557.50.

So there’s a lot of money here, and in this article, I will tell you how you can get a slice of that massive amount of income just by sharing with you a few platforms where you can get some bitcoin basically for doing nothing. It’s not going to make you billions of dollars, but some extra bitcoin for doing nothing won’t hurt you.

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When I was writing this article, you are reading, and bitcoin was around almost $45,260, and in next day, bitcoin is all over up to $49,593, which is insane how fast it’s growing. This is in United States dollars, but in India, 33,97,021.43 INR per one bitcoin.

Ways to earn bitcoin free in 2021

There are more proven ways to earn money online. But I just found 2 Proven ways to earn bitcoin free in 2021. For these websites you can earn free bitcoins instantly. So please check these free bitcoin sites and get free bitcoins now!

1 CryptoTab

The first app that you can download and install for absolutely free to Earn Bitcoin Free for basically doing no work is called CryptoTab. Now CryptoTab is similar to google chrome; the way it works is you install this free app.

You will set it up in your browser, and when you search google, CryptoTab will be a gold mine for you and get you some free bitcoin in the background. So it collects mines for you in the background.

It’s a complicated process happening behind the scenes. Still, for you, it’s essential that you need to install this on your smartphone device to your laptop or computer, whatever device you use the most to search, and go with your usual way.

There’s no work required from your site. This is running in the background. You don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to press any of the ads or CryptoTab mines for you in the background.

You use this browser as you use google typically. Web surfing made it profitable now. Instead of just searching google and not making any money, now you can search for the CryptoTab and get some free bitcoin.

Get free bitcoin now

Try CryptoTab up the world’s first browser with mining features earn bitcoin without looking out for watching videos, chatting or gaming online. You don’t have to do something like that.

You can join the community of more than 10 million users worldwide already enjoying the CryptoTab browser. So there are already 10 million people using CryptoTab to get some free bitcoin.

Because it’s straightforward, it’s short, and I mean, it’s not going to make you as much bitcoin as the next app, which I’m going to share with you but even some extra bitcoin for doing no work. It’s not going to hurt you at all. It’s blazing fast in a lightweight browser.

Earn Bitcoin Free,earn free bitcoins instantly,free bitcoin sites,get free bitcoin now
Earn Bitcoin Free here

So it’s not going to slow down your performance or whatsoever; it’s the same as if you were using google. I’m sure you won’t even notice that you’re using CryptoTab to browse online. Built-in mining features, so it’s going to mine bitcoins for you in the background.

Earn Bitcoin Free,earn free bitcoins instantly,free bitcoin sites,get free bitcoin now
Earn free bitcoins instantly

User-friendly customizable interface, and you can sync everything across multiple devices. So once you create one account with CryptoTab, you can also connect that one single account to all of the devices you have in the household.

Whether that’s your smartphone device, whether that’s your friend’s smartphone device, whether that’s your mom’s smartphone device, laptop, computer, all the devices you have in your household, you can connect them with CryptoTab Browser.

Because the more of them you connect, the more bitcoin you will accumulate. Earn while surfing the web is the fastest built-in mining algorithm, and you can switch to this browser in just one click.

So it’s straightforward, and you can install it for absolutely free just by coming over to CryptoTab. All you have to do is to download it.

Create an account, and it’s going to mine for you in the background so you can Earn Bitcoin Free for absolutely free with basically no hard work at all.

2 BlockFi

The next app we will be using will be a lot more serious, but it can make you a lot more money. So it’s called BlockFi. This is over at blockFi.com. You can see, and as they claim on their official homepage, this is The future of finances.

The old way of doing it doesn’t cut it off. Any longer, and with the blog, if you will be getting up to an 8.6% interest rate, which means if you put in $100 in BlockFi after a year, you can get eight dollars and sixty cents for free for that one year without lifting a finger.

You put in one thousand dollars. That’s $86 that you get in return. So it pays a lot higher interest rate than many other competitor websites like BlockFi. You have many alternatives for BlockFi, but I can bet they will not pay as much as this platform.

Earn Bitcoin Free,earn free bitcoins instantly,free bitcoin sites,get free bitcoin now
Free bitcoin sites

So basically, it works like that you just put in some crypto. If you already have some, you can put it in BlockFi, and you can get an interest rate of up to 8.6% every year.

No secret fines, no minimum balances, and there are no reasons to wait. Before I signed up for BlockFi, I researched youtube, watched a couple of videos, and I’ve seen how it works, and I’ve seen great videos on youtube that explain why and how exactly BlockFi pays up to an 8.6 per cent interest rate.

Get free bitcoin now

Now, if you don’t have any money to invest in the BlockFi, don’t worry! Because you can use the previous app to accumulate some bitcoin, and then once you have some bitcoin earned with the last app with the CryptoTab, you can just come over to BlockFi sign up put in those bitcoins into BlockFi.

Earn Bitcoin Free,earn free bitcoins instantly,free bitcoin sites,get free bitcoin now
Get free bitcoin now

It’s going to make you some money over time without you having to lift a single finger. Now to get started with BlockFi, you can either come over to blockfi.com or go to google search for BlockFi come over to the home page, click on the get started button at the top right corner, and you can sign up for absolutely free.

Earn Bitcoin Free,earn free bitcoins instantly,free bitcoin sites,get free bitcoin now
Earn Bitcoin Free

You have to be at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, so I’m sorry, but you will have to wait. once you create an account, it’s probably going to take you up to five minutes to create an account because they will ask you for some verification first, and once you verify all of that.

You will need to wait for up to two business days; I waited around 12 hours to get accepted. I received an email and SMS, so both of those notified me that my account had been approved and I could start trading money; I can start investing with BlockFi.

Now a cool thing about BlockFi is that if you scroll down to the bottom of the website and click the button right there, it says “Refer a friend”.

Earn Bitcoin Free,earn free bitcoins instantly,free bitcoin sites,get free bitcoin now

That’s going to show you that if you refer someone interested in investing with BlockFi if you have some friends or family, they would like to get some free cryptocurrency. You can refer them, and once they deposit 100, not only will they get ten, but you will also get $10 in bitcoin for absolutely free just for referring them.

Final Thoughts

So yeah, those were the two different apps that you can Earn Bitcoin Free. I wanted to share with you. They will get you some free bitcoin for basically doing no hard work at all. I mean, for CryptoTab, you need to download and install this app for free. It’s going to run in the background, so you don’t have to do any extra work and Earn Bitcoin Free.

And the second one, you also don’t need any to do any extra work. You can either refer friends and family and get ten dollars per person you refer to, or you can use the BlockFi yourself to invest a little bit of money and get some excellent interest rates. So yeah, those are the two different apps you can use to Earn Bitcoin Free. I hope you’ve got some good value out of this post.

Thanks for reading and Earn Bitcoin Free

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