How Much Youtube Pay Per 1000 Views In 2021

Videos where YouTubers tell you How Much Youtube Pay Per 1000 Views In 2021 have become more popular than ever. So there’s considerable interest in knowing how much youtube pays creators.

I wanted to give people the most up-to-date accurate information for 2021. So I went ahead, and I watched a ton of videos from YouTubers released recently where they’re telling their audiences how much money youtube is currently paying them. YouTube channels of all different shapes and sizes to figure out an up-to-date 2021 amount of how much youtube is paying YouTubers per 1000 views in 2021. And I even go one step further, and I broke down exactly how much each different type of youtube channel is currently making.

So you’ll be able to see how much you can expect to earn as a youtube creator, depending on the topics you choose to discuss in your youtube videos. So YouTube page creators for the ads it shows on creative videos. YouTube puts advertisements before, sometimes during, and also after the videos it shows on the website. YouTube will keep their cut of the money advertisers have paid them to display ads on the website and then give creators their share. And that’s what this article will cover the money that creators get after youtube has taken their cuts. This is the money that will be hitting your pocket as a creator.

Here is How Much YouTube Pay Per 1000 Views In 2021

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How Much YouTube Pay Per 1000 Views In 2021

So from going away myself and watching 30 of the most recent youtube earning reveal videos on youtube, from that data, I can say that How Much YouTube Pay Per 1000 Views In 2021, YouTubers are receiving $7.56 per 1000 views. That’s pretty mind-blowing because it’s believed that the average you can expect to earn on youtube is between 1 to 3 dollars. But this genuine data that I’ve got from YouTubers in 2021 shows that you can be looking to make closer to $7.56 for every 1000 views you get this year. Now that $7.56 is an average earnings number for every thousand views you’re going to get on youtube across all 30 of those channels I used in my research.

Earnings Breakdown

I will show you the earnings breakdown per 1000 views that you can expect to get for each type of youtube channel that I found in my research in a list in just a second. But in addition to topics, there are other things out there that determine whether you get paid more or less from ads for every thousand views you get on your videos. Such as whether you swear in your videos, how long your videos are, and the country that your viewers live in.

And there are even more additional methods that you can use to make even more money for every thousand views you get on your channel. You can get sponsorships for your videos, and you can start selling your merchandise for your videos or even sell your digital product, and by affiliate marketing to name a few.

Now if you want to learn about all these factors and the others I didn’t mention that you need to know about and use the right to make as much money as possible from your youtube channel per thousand views. I promise you a breakdown per topic on the most profitable and the least profitable youtube channel so you can run per thousand views.

Channel CategoryRevenu Per 1000 Views
Make Money Online$13.85
Social Media Tips$7.55
Photography + Video$4.09
Self Improvement$3.22
How Much YouTube Pay Per 1000 Views in 2021

This is what each type of channel earns per thousand views. I found that channels in the “Make Money Online” niche are the more popular types of youtube channels to run, and videos that float around the topics of vlogging, beauty are on the lower end of the money you’ll get paid from youtube for every thousand views you get on your videos.

I find that breakdown (How Much YouTube Pay Per 1000 Views In 2021) useful and exciting I do not see that information broken down like that on any other articles. So take this information.

I want to remind you to finish this article off by saying, “YouTube is not just about Money” you also need to be excited and fulfilled with the videos you’re making in the channel or you’re running. Because you’re spending so much time building that channel up, I think it’s beneficial to share this information with social media as being an influencer is such a new career choice for so many people.

So without wasting any time Start Your YouTube channel.

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