How The YouTube Algorithm Works in 2021

Understanding How The YouTube Algorithm Works in 2021, what I want to share with you are the top 3 things that you need to know the most important 3 things that you need to understand to get more subscribers and more viewers as well as more engagement on your content in 2021.

Understanding How The YouTube Algorithm Works in 2021

YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social networking sites available today, with over 2 billion logged-in monthly users, because it’s evergreen, it grows over time, you can monetize it, and there’s so much power in YouTube. However, many people struggle with it. Today, I’m going to share three items with you that will help you better understand How The YouTube Algorithm Works and use it to your advantage.

1 Watch Time

The first most crucial thing is the watch time. If YouTube looks at your video and sees how much time people are watching, so you know most people aim for about 50% or more if you can get over 50% watch time on your video, you’re doing pretty good.

How to Get 4000 Hours Watch Time on YouTube in 2021

If people are watching less, ultimately, YouTube’s not going to promote that video as much. Let me give you an example if two people have the same video, and somebody watches 65% of one video.

The same video by a different audience is watched by 16%, and YouTube itself isn’t watching the video. It’s looking at the metrics in the data.

So, if YouTube sees that one video is being watched 65 percent of the time and the other is being watched 16 percent of the time, it would clearly encourage the one that is getting more engagement because it appears from data analytics that more people are enjoying watching the first video.

So watch time is vital. Now, how do you increase watch time? There’s a couple of different strategies.

Tip 1 – Make your content very valuable

The first one is to make your content very valuable and to the point. Don’t be rambling off, don’t be telling stories that don’t matter, don’t relate to it.

Make sure that when you’re recording videos, you’ve got a structured guideline. You know precisely what you want to talk about.

You know the exact delivery points that are going to provide value to your target audience and your ideal avatar, and make sure that you’re just making your video as long as it needs to be for you to provide value and not trying just to hit a particular 10,20,30 minute mark simply because it looks good.

Tip 2 – Make Your content more engaging

So, the second tip is to use editing style to make the content more engaging. So, if you don’t know, gather the high converting material takes people’s raw, unedited footage and professionally edits it with all sorts of exciting brand and motion graphics and video overlays, which actually increases the watch time because instead of only staring at a talking head the whole time.

People see that their intention is remaining still because ultimately, they’re being engaged by having to watch different things and see other motion.

And it helps your content become a lot more captivating, and we’re seeing massive increases in people’s watch time with all of the clients that are using this service by making it more engaging based on the editing and then pairing it with strategic solid and structured value delivery. You’re going to see your watch time start to explode.

2 Click Through Rate(CTR)

Number 2 is the click-through rate. So what does it click-through rate? The click-through rate is that whenever YouTube shows your video on the home page or the discovery page or whatever page is showing it on, ultimately the viewer has a decision to make where they can either click on your video or they can click on any of the other tens of videos that are shown on there.

What Is Click Through Rate On YouTube?

So the click-through rate is looking at whenever your videos are shown on a screen amongst a clutter of different videos, how many people are clicking on your video.

Looking at what statistics show us is that you’re doing pretty well if you can get over a five per cent click-through rate. Now, most people are getting a one-two-three per cent click-through rate. So how do you get a better click-through rate? ultimately this comes down to two crucial strategies.

Tip 1 – Make sure you have a good thumbnail

The first tip is by making sure you have a very engaging thumbnail. Again you want to make sure you stand out. I advise one little secret information to use contrasting colours or colours against YouTube’s colours.

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How The YouTube Algorithm Works

So try and avoid things like very grey, white, black, red, because those are YouTube’s colours and ultimately most people are using that, and it makes it all blend in. So if you can use something different like a bright yellow, and orange, a tiffany blue.

Something like that adds some contrast and pop some people are looking at it. It’s going to drive more attention towards your video and increase your click-through rate.

Use this tool to create a best thumbnails.

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Tip 2 – Make sure you have a good title

Now the next tip of that is your title. Again, you want to look at this from a consumer behaviour perspective and put yourself in the consumers’ shoes. That’s why people use clickbait.

Never you’re looking at your title. You want to entice people to watch your video. Now I don’t recommend clickbait. I never use clickbait because I don’t believe it does work for some people, but that’s not my business style.

I focus more on providing value. So I like to make sure that my title is impactful, shows the value that they’re going to get and answers a specific question that they were looking for the answer for.

Think about your behaviour when you’re looking at this, look at what types of thumbnails you’re clicking on, look at what types of thumbnails are attractive to you and make you want to click on a video for your content.

3 Post Velocity

Post velocity is ranked third. What exactly is post velocity? In the case of Instagram, the algorithm is concerned with the first hour of your tweet.

So the first hour, depending on how much engagement you get, Instagram shows it to about 10% of your audience, and then if you get lots of engagement and offers it to another 10%, and so on.

YouTube cares more about the first 24 hours. What do you need to make sure you need to do? You need to ensure that you get the most engagement possible within the early 24 hours. How do you increase your engagement within the first 24 hours and your initial post velocity to make sure you get the most amount of views. Ultimately you can do a couple of strategies.

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Tip 1 – Share across social media

Share across social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., make sure that you’re getting in front of a different audience.


Tip 2 – Send out to your database

I like to send it out to my database because my database is specifically tailored towards the content that I put out, so it will be a valuable resource for them.

So it’s not like I’m just trying to send them somewhere that isn’t going to be valid for their time. I respect every person’s time, and I want to make sure that I’m giving them the value within that a lot of time. So using a couple of different cross-promoting strategies will help you make sure that you increase that post velocity.

Going back to How The YouTube Algorithm Works, if you have two videos that are the same post at the same time and one video is viewed by 800 people within the first 24 hours. It has 13 comments and 30 likes, while the other has 200 views but just one like and no comments. And, eventually, YouTube would say, “This first video, on the other hand, has a much larger audience. We’re going to encourage it and increase its viewership “..

YouTube would like to promote your video, and YouTube would like to keep viewers on their site. So, if you customise your video to do the right things that will make your video show YouTube that people are enjoying your content, they’ll share with more people with their algorithm because they want people to remain on their site, which comes from showing them the most interesting content relevant to what they’re looking for.

Thanks for reading. I hope you Understand How The YouTube Algorithm Works in 2021.

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