Stopped Asking People to Subscribe – How to Grow YouTube & Get Views FAST & SAFELY (2021)

How To Grow YouTube & Get Views FAST & SAFELY. You should quit requesting subscriptions from your viewers. Let me explain why calls to action are actually doing more harm than good.

Why should you quit doing what you’re doing? It doesn’t make any sense. If you invite your viewers to subscribe, they are more likely to do so, and you will receive more views in the future, allowing your channel to expand and thrive. To put it another way, more subscribers = more success. No, not really.

How To Grow YouTube & Get Views FAST & SAFELY (2021)

Ask yourself a simple question: why do you want your viewers to become subscribers? The answer is obvious: you want your subscribers to watch your videos regularly. You want people to come back.

Bad Strategy

Consider it that way when you ask your viewers to subscribe, and maybe even make a joke to encourage your viewers to subscribe. You know, you made them laugh or hear them like, “sure, why not subscribe to that guy?” In other words, you forced them to subscribe, and though I believe this is a bad strategy in the long run, in the short run, you’ve won since you now have more subscribers, and there are some benefits.

If this is a new channel, you can now enable monetization. You currently have access to new features such as custom URLs and a community page, and after you hit 100k, you will receive the lovely silver play button, which you can now show off to your friends. It will also help you feel better overall because you now have the number.

However, these are all short-term goals that will not guarantee your channel’s overall success. I believe that focusing solely on these objectives increases your chances of failure in the long run. You’ve probably heard that making these calls to action in the first half of the video is critical, and it makes sense in principle because your audience retention may decline quickly, and you want to catch them as soon as possible.

How To Grow YouTube & Get Views FAST & SAFELY

But have you ever decided to subscribe to a YouTube channel solely because some random guy on YouTube asked you to do so at the start of the video? I think it doesn’t work that way.

If you want a returning viewer, then why would you convince them to subscribe?   These are genuine people who can consciously decide whether or not to subscribe to your channel. You don’t have to remind them of it.

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If you believe you’ll lose a subscriber by not reminding them to subscribe, you won’t because the YouTube algorithm will promote your videos whether they’ve subscribed or not. The rest will depend on how nice your thumbnails are and how engaging your videos are. If he appreciates your content, he will opt to subscribe to your channel, and now you have a solid subscriber who has subscribed because of the material, not because you just begged them to.

A few years ago, having as many subscribers as possible was necessary since the YouTube algorithm presented a new video to practically every subscriber. Back then, the subscription feed was much more essential. However, that is not how it works now, and I believe that most creators believe that having more subscribers equates to having more views.

The more subscriptions they have, the more views they will receive, but this is not the reality. Today, YouTube recommends videos depending on your preferences. Consider how many videos from channels you haven’t subscribed to appear on your home page. Growing channels are receiving views from YouTube users who recommend their content.

If you have 100k subscribers but don’t receive 100k views on every video you submit. You’re receiving a lot fewer views, and only 40% of them are subscribers. I’m not saying that subscriptions are useless. However, it would help if you shifted your attention away from gaining as many subscribers as possible. One of the crucial indicators for the YouTube algorithm is the number of subscribers.

In general, what matters most is that you, the viewer, are satisfied. You must be concerned about views rather than subscribers. Take a look at this; I’m showing you the stats you should be paying attention to. Returning viewers may be found by going to the YouTube analytics page -> Audience. In other words, they are active viewers.

How To Grow YouTube & Get Views FAST & SAFELY (2021)

If you can improve the number of returning viewers, you will successfully develop your channel. These are actual visitors that enjoy your work and may or may not be subscribed to your channel; it makes no difference. If your list of returning viewers is rising, you’re in good shape. It’s also beneficial when you have some speaking opportunities. This suggests you prompted your viewers to watch your video. This will assist you in determining the types of videos your subscribers desire to see on your channel.

Let me show you that we typically get no more than 10% of our views from the subscriptions feed. Your content will be recommended on YouTube, which resulted in a large number of arguments. That is, individuals discovered the video.

How To Grow YouTube & Get Views FAST & SAFELY (2021)

For example, they saw it on their homepage and opted to view it because YouTube recommended it. There is a greater probability that a person who is not connected to your channel but has watched one of your most recent videos will be recommended new videos by YouTube. Rather than to someone who subscribed a year ago and has now stopped watching videos. YouTube detects when a user has lost interest in a channel.

Why should I show them fresh stuff from this channel if they aren’t interested? Nowadays, you don’t need to be concerned with the number of subscribers you have; instead, you should be involved with the actual viewers who watch your videos daily. Check the recurring subscribers metric regularly to increase your solid viewers, not just subscribers. So you do not have to create calls to action like “subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss out on my new fantastic videos.”

Stop doing this and instead communicate with your audience, asking them what they like and dislike about your material—asking users to hit the like button regularly benefits the YouTube algorithm because they can do it on any video. If they interact with your video, YouTube understands that it is of interest to them, and YouTube will be more likely to promote your future content to these people. Interactions are essential.

And, let’s be honest, if we’re here to provide excellent material that people want to watch, why should we care so much about the number of subscribers if we keep getting more views? And the truth is that if you generate good content, you will receive more views. CTR and audience retention are the most critical factors. Working hard to improve these criteria will result in more views and, eventually, more returning visitors.