20 Symptoms of Fake Love

Falling in love with someone new can be a euphoric experience in the world, and when we think we can’t be happier, the special someone tells us they want to be with us, too. It’s something so valuable and unique that many of us sometimes feel like we’d go to any length to keep this person in our lives.

Symptoms of Fake Love
Symptoms of Fake Love

Symptoms of Fake Love

Love is a complicated emotion over which we have little control. We don’t choose who we fall in love with or how we feel about others, so it’s unavoidable that we often fall for the wrong individual. What matters most is that we know who is worthy of entering our hearts and who is not, who really loves us and who is only pretending to.

So, here are 20 Symptoms of Fake Love to help you distinguish between real and fake love.

Symptoms of Fake Love
Symptoms of Fake Love

Refusing compromise

Every couple encounters difficulties. Couples who love each other, on the other hand, find ways to compromise. They can make sacrifices because they value their partners just as much as they value themselves. As a result, if your partner does not love you, they will refuse to compromise. They would not make sacrifices because they are more concerned with themselves than with you.

Two intentional spontaneity

Dates are one way to show your partner that you care. If you schedule anything, your partner will see how much work you’ve put into the relationship, which communicates love. A loveless spouse makes no effort to plan dates or events, and they make no effort to invest in the relationship, so the burden falls on your shoulders. You do the majority of the work, but a one-sided relationship is neither romantic nor safe.

The white flag

What happens when you and your partner fight? Does your partner give up right away, or do they think that any battle will end in a breakup? If you’re in love, you’ll battle for the person you care for, and you’ll go to great lengths for them because they’re your number one priority. However, if your partner does not love you, they will cease to fight for you. They will raise their white flag if something goes wrong, and they are unable to persevere in the face of difficulty or conflict. In other words, fake partners love you when it’s easy and escape when it’s not.

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Symptoms of Fake Love

Guarding their feelings

Is your partner holding you at a safe distance? A caring partner makes an effort to be vulnerable, while a loveless partner suppresses their feelings. Since they aren’t interested in deepening the bond, these partners don’t want to be open. This isn’t always the case; certain partners appear closed off due to negative experiences in the past. These spouses can and will be insecure in front of the person they love, but it takes time. Loveless couples, on the other hand, maintain their walls regardless of how long you’ve been together.

Creating distance

Both loving couples share one desire: they want to spend time together. If your partner doesn’t love you, they’ll begin to withdraw. You ask to spend time with them, but they’re still busy. You schedule a date ahead of time, but something comes up at the last minute. So, if this sounds familiar, it’s because your partner is putting space between you. Since their feelings for you are possibly fading.

Public neglect

Partners in the public sector should be proud of one another. A caring partner adores the person they’ve chosen and wants to show it off to the rest of the world. Loveless spouses will ignore you in public, maybe abandoning you to spend time with their mates, or worse, attempting to conceal you. If your partner does one of these things, it’s a dead giveaway that they’re in love with you.

Emotional discomfort

Will your partner make you feel uneasy? This is a crucial indicator of false love. Something is certainly wrong if you aren’t at ease with your partner. Your partner should be the person with whom you feel the most at ease; they are your best friend and confidant; they are the person with whom you laugh and cry; and they should make you feel confident, protected, and secure.

So if your partner makes you feel guilty, it’s because they don’t respect you and are just trying to manipulate you. Controlling spouses doubt and question your choices; they make you feel bad about yourself because they don’t care about your happiness; they want to hold you under their thumb, which is not loved.

Invisible romance

So, when was the last time you did something romantic with your partner? Romantic gestures demonstrate to your partner that they are essential to you. It rekindles the flame by reminding them of why you fell in love in the first place. Your partner may not have to be the most loving person in the world, but they must demonstrate that they care. So, if your partner doesn’t make an effort to be intimate, they may not be in love with you.

Passing blame

Will your partner admit their errors and apologise when they are wrong? False couples never accept responsibility for their mistakes. They don’t care if you take the blame in any case because they don’t love you almost as much as they love themselves.

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Symptoms of Fake Love

The attention deficit

Will your partner give you his or her full attention? Loving couples devote their undivided attention to their partner. They go out of their way to demonstrate to their partners that they are attentive and present. Fake partners will pay attention to everyone but you; they don’t make time for you and don’t listen to you because you aren’t a priority in their eyes.

Subconscious pronouns

Do you and your partner discuss the future? Are you a part of their future as they describe it? This is important for long-term relationships because you will envision your significant other in the future, but they may not feel the same way about you.

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Symptoms of Fake Love

When your partner notices you in their life, you will notice a shift in their language. If your partners use the pronouns we and us, it means they see a future with you in it, that they love you, and that they hope you will be together for a long time. If they use the pronouns “I” and “Me,” they don’t see you in their future, they don’t expect your relationship to last, and their love may not be as intense as it appears.

Mutual unhappiness

Are you happy in the presence of your wife? Is your partner happy in the presence of you? Mutual happiness is essential in any happy relationship; if you are not bringing out the best in each other, you and your partner may not be in love. So, ask yourself, “Am I satisfied with my partner?” “Does my partner smile and laugh when we’re together?” If the answer is no, you might be in a loveless relationship.

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Symptoms of Fake Love

Invasions of privacy

Many people believe that privacy is essential in all relationships. Couples can tell each other everything, and most of the time, they do, but it is necessary to maintain your individuality irrespective of how much you love your partner. If your partner does not value your privacy, it is a red flag. Many insecure, manipulating partners will attempt to invade your privacy.

They’ll say that you’re keeping secrets, peek at your phone without asking, and accuse you of betraying their trust; these manipulative partners are greedy, and they act out when they’re feeling insecure. So, if your partner invades your privacy, it’s not because they love you; it’s because they want to manipulate you.

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Hiding secrets

Although privacy is vital, keeping secrets can be a sign of a phoney relationship. Let’s say your partner deliberately conceals their work from you, or they refuse to tell you who their buddies are or what they do on weekends. Loving friends do not keep these kinds of secrets.

When you’re in love, you let your partner into your life because you want to share the most personal details about yourself, and your partner wants to know the exact information about you. A loveless person can conceal large portions of their life, keep secrets, and cover those secrets with stories and lies. The bottom line is that “you must trust your partner,” because if you don’t, love has no chance.

Demanding change

When you love someone, your partner will ask you to change for them. You accept them as they are, faults and everything. On the other hand, fake lovers would persuade you to change who you are; they don’t love you for who you are; they love you for the person they want you to be, and that is not true love.

Unloving language

Can your partner express their love for you? Loving couples find ways to express their feelings; they may not say “I love you” 20 times a day, but they express their feelings in whatever way they can. If your partner does not convey their affection, it is a sign of false love; they do not say or show you how they feel because they don’t feel much, to begin with.

Petty conflict

Is your partner always at odds with you? They pick fights over the most trivial of issues, and you can’t find out why for the life of you. Here’s why loveless couples look for excuses to fight: they know deep down that their love isn’t genuine, and their anger leads to needless conflict.

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Symptoms of Fake Love

Taking breaks

Have you ever taken a break from your partner? If your partner wishes to separate from you, this is a red flag. If your partner meets other people when you’re apart, warning bells should go off. It’s as plain as that: a caring partner needs to be with you.

The priority list

Are you at the bottom of your partner’s priority list? When you’re in love, it’s natural to prioritise your partner; you want to give them all you have because you adore them. A loveless spouse will avoid making you a priority; they will prioritise their jobs, friends, and hobbies over you; they will make you wait, and then they will say, “Why?” because they don’t love you.

Drawing comparisons

Will your partner equate you to other people in their life, or do they threaten to find someone else if you make a mistake? One of the most deceptive things a partner might say is this. They’re pressuring you to adjust, but a caring partner will never do so. They’d never put you in such an awkward situation. So don’t let anyone persuade you to change who you are. If your partner threatens to stop loving you, they have never really loved you.

So these are the 20 Symptoms of Fake Love. I hope you like this article. Please do share this post to your loved ones.

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