5 ways to Start a YouTube Channel With NO MONEY?

I’m going to walk you through the whole process of 5 Ways To Start A YouTube Channel With NO MONEY or a meager budget, and we will be covering topics like camera, mics, lighting, graphics video editor, and screen recording.
Because the truth is you don’t need that much money to start on YouTube and spread your message.

When you start making videos for your channel, everyone has an old cheap camera and a cheap lavalier mic, no lights, no studio, and no lenses. Once if you have a good number of subscribers and your channel generates good money, you have to invest some gear. You have to get several cameras, a few expensive lenses, mics, lots of lights.

Best ways to start a YouTube channel with no money.

Today, the thing is don’t use half of it because my experience tells me there are so few things worth investing in when making videos for youtube. In terms of equipment and software, and even when you have zero budget, there are so many free tools to help you get started, and reach an excellent production level, and, of course, gain views and subs. So that’s going to be the topic of the day.

1 Graphic Design

Number one in our list is not a camera but graphic design. Once you create a youtube channel, you instantly need a banner, profile picture, and some visual elements you would use in your videos and thumbnails to highlight your YouTube brand identity. You don’t have to sign up for some pricey graphic design courses or photoshop, and there are some free tools out there to help you create such graphics from scratch.

For example, this website is called Photopea. It’s an online free simplified version of photoshop. But you also don’t have to download anything, and you can actually export and upload PSD files there and use some ready-made photoshop presets for thumbnails. For instance, again, it’s all free.

2 Making Videos

Next up apps for making videos speaking about software solutions for beginner YouTubers. This is precisely the case when movavi has a lot of great stuff to offer. A low budget might be an issue, but if you feel like investing a little money in your channel and getting lifetime licensed video editing software. Movavi video suite 2021 best-selling software package is now available at a significant discount. It is a set of intuitive programs such as a movavi video editor plus, screen recorder, and a video converter premium.

Each of these apps allows you to record your computer screen easily and make software reviews and tutorials, then send it immediately to the timeline of the video editor and stream the footage, add more effects, titles, animation, and so on. So this one package would cover several everyday needs of a beginner YouTuber.

Ways To Start A YouTube Channel With NO MONEY

First, you would get a great video editor with tons of built-in content and templates, then a media converter so we won’t ever worry about video file formats. A screen recorder and also other small but handy tools. The main menu of the movavi video suite is customizable. You can put icons of frequently used apps right on the main tab, add more movavi apps for an extra fee get access to tutorials and the movavi store without having to open your browser.

This package may come in handy for beginners and anyone who’s looking for fast and convenient software. So, although, in my opinion, movavi is an excellent choice for beginner YouTubers, and it would fit probably any budget with a discount, the whole package would be around 60 bucks or so. It is still not completely free, and if right now you’re just starting on YouTube and have zero budget, the first thing you can try is a temporary free trial of any movavi products.

The second thing to try is free video editors, and there are several options you can find out there. Suppose you don’t have money to buy expensive software like premiere pro, although it’s a good program and many creators like it. Some of the free video editors I would recommend are Shotcut, Davinci Resolve, and Olive. Please don’t expect them to be perfect again. We’re talking about three options here, and the main downside of all the free, in my opinion, is they aren’t super great for beginners since the learning curves are quite challenging.

If you’re new to video editing, you will need some time and patience to master these programs. Also, they lack templates and built-in content that is a great help when you’re a beginner creator. But here, you’ll have to make everything from scratch. Anyway, Shotcut, Davinci, and Olive have great sets of tools, and they are free.

3 The Camera

Well, chances are you probably already have a friendly camera, even if you haven’t bought one specifically and it’s called your smartphone. Well, so many beginners usually film videos for their channel using the mobile camera. The critical thing to know about cameras is when you have a nice, good-looking setup, pretty background, proper lighting, and framing, you and your viewers would be hard to tell if it’s a camera or phone footage. And even when you have a costly camera but still don’t know how to use it, that would be a waste.

So my advice is, when you start, save money don’t rush to buy a camera. Go ahead and use your phone to film your first videos. But to spend some saved cash on Video editing software, a Mic, and Lighting.

4 Lighting

Speaking about lighting, here comes step four. It’s way more important than a camera. Because it can make or break any video. The good news is that if you have zero budget, there is always a free option for lighting. The best source of illumination is open. I’m talking about natural daylight. You can use a window and have the light on your face, directly you can film outside. Another great and free light source you can use for filming might be your computer monitor with the brightness set on max. It also might be Christmas lights, stable lamps if you use them properly and follow some lighting schemes like free point lighting, for instance.

I’m not going to go into particulars regarding lighting schemes and tips today cause it’s a big topic, but if you’re interested, let us know in the comments. Hence, we consider making a separate episode on this website. Now, getting some cheap studio lights would be a smart move if you do have little money. You can get stuff like softboxes, umbrella lights, or ring lights, depending on the setup or the genre of the video you prefer. Even things for like 25 bucks on Amazon will do. Please don’t be scared, thinking it might be too cheap. It will still be great for a start.

5 Audio

Audio, well, the sound in your videos might seem like the second important thing after the camera or lighting. But, as a beginner YouTuber, you should not be careless about audio. You need to have clear audio because it is one of your main tools to keep your viewers engaged. Fortunately again you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an expensive microphone. First of all, just like with the camera, you can use your smartphone.

The phone’s built-in mic or a simple headset will record decent sound. You can later sync with the video editing software of your choice if you take good care when placing a mic closer to your mouth and choosing a proper location in terms of its acoustic properties.

If you have a little bit of bucks after you purchased, for example, some lighting or licensed software, you could get a lavalier mic for about $30. This way, you would plug it into your phone or camera if it features a mic input. You won’t have to sync the audio with the video later on or be super close to a camera when you’re recording, and also, the sound quality would be much better compared with the camera’s built-in mic.


Those were all the 5 Ways To Start A YouTube Channel With NO MONEY. I wanted to tell you about today, and if you are ready to spend at least little money right at the start, this is how I recommend you prioritize your spending’s. Well, video editing software, then a decent mic, studio lights, graphic design software already made graphics, and then the camera.

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Thank you for reading. All the best.

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